Thursday, December 26, 2013

Another song inspired by music I like...

Here is another song to sing along with. The numbers are the place in the song where the verse starts. This is for all of you who love to sing, or at least whose best work is in the shower <grin>:

You and I
(to the tune of Michael Lington’s song of the same name)

A solitary mind
The thoughts that twist and wind
to this path they have called us

A vision all its own
That can’t go home
The road is its solace

When life is yours
and yours alone,
where you go is all up to you

Another mind
much greater than yours is watching
hoping you’ll see things that are true

If we choose we walk through
life with our own vision.
What we see we choose to
love and become invested in

Is this really
all that’s waiting for me?

Walking down this lonely road
burdened by a heavy load;
if just of my making

Is there nothing I can give
from this place where my heart lives?
Only finding myself taking

That other one
whose heart by nature is giving
stands patiently waiting for me

To find my home
is in his presence forever
With your heart of love
please fill me

You and I are better:
more than I could be on my own
You are fullness
I give you my heart as your home

Quiet thunder
Roars in silence within

You and your son
Took away the burden I bear
Cut my chains and
Freed me from those burdensome snares

Honest freedom
when a lie held me bound

[Musical Interlude]

Someone wiser
gives advice to these humble ears
No more lies or
Ugly nothings whispering near

Joy consumes if
I let you lead the way…

Now my road ends;
From henceforth just your road begins
This survivor
Starting life that will never end

No more tears
No more reason to cry

You and I…

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