Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I like writing lyrics to music I like, especially jazz groups I like.

Well, this song particularly moved me (after I wrote it), so I thought I'd post it here. It's sad, but that was what I was trying to capture: the loneliness and despair of love gone wrong.

It's from the Rippington's instrumental piece (I Saw Her) Walk Away. If you listen to it on YouTube, ( YouTube Version ) the verses start at the times indicated:

(I watched her) Walk Away
In those times when our love felt sublime
We were both floating on air;
All our days shone so bright they amazed she
melted my cares.

Her smile covered all the
doubts that grew deep down in my trembling heart.
I knew I loved her, I took care of her;
something was falling apart

Days went by and the clouds in the sky
Took away more of the blue
And her smile had been dying a while it
faded from view

What’s wrong I can’t hear the song
we’ve sung since we first became me and you?
What have I done you’re not the same one that
I once thought I clearly knew.

[Chorus 1]
Please don’t take your heart from me
My world will crumble to ashes and dust
Don’t you know if you become free
I will die but I’ll breathe ‘cause I must
stumble on


Words turn to frowns smiling upside down
I’m numb: pain freezes the warmth of the sun
The day has become a dark night

Don’t you see you are distancing me;
I’m falling further behind
I cry she will not listen to me
her eyes have turned blind

Ice cold took our love and holds me
Frozen in time she’ll no longer stay
She took the warmth “I am leaving” she told me
Then I watched her walk away

Now I’m alone remem’bring
Beautiful love that we shared every day
Sadness is all each new day brings
I must rise up and find another way

Trapped in my thoughts my heart breaks
It felt so right but our love wasn’t real
I tried to give; you could just take
I’ll go on but I’ll take time to heal
And you’re gone…

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