Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One more moving by the muse...

This was written from Michael Lington's "Memphis"


The clock says that work has wound down
so I'm headed towards downtown
to my favorite spot on Beale Street:
music, friends and something good to eat

Can't miss what I don’t have
But I’m feeling kinda sad
So I paste on a smile.
Don't know what I'm running from
but the setting of the sun
lets me stop for a while.

Then the lights of the town
make me stop and look around:
I’m in Memphis.
Something floats towards you
Smoky meat and Barbecue’s
in the air.

Be it Jazz or Blues
in the music you choose
it surrounds you.
You can move your feet
to that lazy southern beat;
dancing close

Then this girl walked right up to me
I could swear she saw right through me.
She looked deep down in my empty soul;
It was clear I'd just lost all control.

So she came up to me
said, "I don't think you see
what you're really looking for."
I swear I was spooked
and it wasn't a fluke;
I ran for the door.

"Run away little boy
but you'll never find joy
when you're hiding.
See the One who loves me
wants to set your heart free
from the pain.

When you give up control
Let him live in your soul
you’ll stop running.
And his joy will not cease
when you've truly found peace:
Let it go!"


So I turned and looked
Her smile had me hooked
and I asked her,
"Just what did you do
for this Joy that’s in you
Is it real?"

She smiled and said
"Free the thoughts in your head
He will lead you
Lay your burden down
when it falls on the ground
you will see.

And the road that once had you bound
will lead you to town...

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