Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ever had one of those days? Life is coming at you fast and hard, and doesn't want to let up.

The month of May is like that for me. There are at least seven or eight birthdays to keep up with, not to mention Mom's day. So let's take a count, here:

Middle Son's B-day 05/15
Mother's Day (05/10 this year)
Mom's B-day 05/16
Oldest Son's and Next-to-youngest daughter 05/20
Youngest Daughter 05/21
Oldest Daughter 05/26
Second oldest son 05/29
(deceased maternal grandmother and grandfather were in May too, so I hear)

Well, that makes about ten people's birthdays to keep up with. I think I left out some out-laws (ex-in-laws).

Sooo ... sometimes Billy Beetle (in the picture) and I would just like to grab some friends, go to our favorite watering hole, like, hmmm ... the Jazz By Chas Club, grab a "Bug-Weiser" brewski (or poison of your choice) and just unwind. Leave our troubles behind.

Now, I really enjoy celebrating my children's and mother's (and posthumously, grandma and grampa Seth's) birthdays, and to honor my wife and my mother on Mother's Day. And work isn't really all that bad (did I just say that ... out loud?!) {wink!}.

Maybe I'll incorporate all my angst in my next book. Yeah, but later.

Right now, I just want to hang out, take in some bumpin' jazz, and get my vibe on with my friends over some intoxicating libations.

Cheers, y'all! And let's git ta dancin.

And if you're hungry, I hear the chili's pretty good, here.
Sooo ... Buon Appetito! Enjoy!

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